Connecting older adults with their community — one ride at a time

The loss of a driver’s license, reduced mobility, a medical setback, these are some of the things that can turn an older adult’s life upside down. They are our parents, our former teachers, neighbors in our community, a generation of people whose wisdom and talents shaped the Lyons Township area. Now they need a little assistance from us to stay connected with their community.

Elderly woman answering the door


Care partner David

“Interfaith Community Partners has been a lifesaver for my wife Mary Ellen and me.”

After moving from Florida, David was unable to pass the eye exam to receive an Illinois driver’s license. This is when he discovered Interfaith Community Partners through his church. David and his wife, Mary Ellen, both utilize ICP’s services and feel that every ride is enjoyable. David’s most memorable experience with ICP was when a volunteer, Joyce, drove him to a doctor’s appointment and sat with him for the entire lengthy procedure. This volunteer’s dedication left David feeling comforted and cared for.

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David, 91, Care Partner