Giving Interfaith Community Partners an hour of your time can make a world of difference to one of your neighbors!

The loss of a driver’s license, reduced mobility, a medical setback; these are some of the events that can turn an older adult’s life upside down. They are our parents, our former teachers, our childhood scout leaders—a generation of people whose wisdom and talents shaped our communities. Now they need a little assistance from us and our volunteers to stay connected to their community.

That’s where you come in!

By volunteering just a little of your time can make a big difference in someone’s life:

  • Provide accompanied transportation to medical appointments, errands, and special events.
  • Visit those who are home-bound to provide conversation and socialization.
  • Make regularly scheduled phone calls to check in with one of our Care Partners.

We’ll train you. We’ll work around your schedule. We’ll respect your gift of time away from your busy life.

What difference can one hour make? To one of our clients it can mean getting to a doctor’s appointment on time, picking up a prescription, getting to the grocery store, or having someone to talk with. To our volunteers, it’s rewarding to see the difference the gift of time can make.

You are going to become attached to our Care Partners and the joyful feeling you get from helping others. You will get more out of your service than you ever imagined.

Accompanied Transportation: Volunteers drive older adults to and from appointments as needed. We background check and train our drivers.  We act like clients’ family when family cannot be there.

Friendly Visitation: Volunteers meet with our Care Partners in their home or retirement facility once to twice monthly for up to one hour. Sometimes a visit is for conversation, a friendly face to share a cup of coffee or tea, or to read the local news.

Phone Check-Ins:  Volunteers make scheduled phone calls to clients just to check in and see if they have any needs or concerns. Sometimes, all it takes is fifteen minutes to brighten someone’s day.

Petal Pushers:  Petal Pusher volunteers take gently used flowers and arrange them into small vases to be delivered to clients and business partners. This occurs on the first and third Thursday at 9:30am at the ICP Offices. Please let us know of your interests.

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What’s in it for you?
The gift of time is a significant contribution to your community and society in general. Sharing your time and helping others remain independent is a wonderful gift.  We believe you will receive more than you give.

  • We’ll train you.
  • We’ll work around your schedule.
  • We respect your gift of time away from your busy life.

Elderly woman holding a thank you sign