Words from a Few of Our Clients and Volunteers


Interfaith Community Partners - Pat, Volunteer

“Live in the moment and always be kind.”

Pat has been with Interfaith Community Partners for over two years. She found out about ICP from her church bulletin and saw it as an opportunity to meet new people and to help others. All of Pat’s clients have been kind and gracious toward her. Working with ICP is a rewarding way to volunteer her time and allows her to share in clients’ life experiences. Pat loves giving older adults a chance to tell their stories and grants them independence.

Pat, Volunteer


Interfaith Community Partners - Glenn, Care Partner

“I appreciate Interfaith and what they do. It allows me to stay independent.”

Glen found Interfaith Community Partners through his friend after he lost his driving privileges. Typically, ICP Volunteers will drive him to his dialyses appointments three times a week. If ICP did not exist, Glen would have to take public transportation. Even though the fare is small, it adds up. ICP offers a personal connection to him more so than a bus ride. He has become very good friends with all the ICP Volunteers who drive him and they always go out of their way to make sure he is safe.

Glenn, 63, Care Partner


Interfaith Community Partners - Mary, Volunteer

“Always be kind and thoughtful.”

Mary has been with ICP for a year and a half. She believes that ICP is an organization greatly needed. Since her retirement, Mary sees ICP as an excellent opportunity to give back to her community. The pure selflessness of all the volunteers is truly incredible, and Mary says that she is proud to work with the ICP staff who are so devoted to the mission and have been gracious and friendly toward her. Through volunteering, Mary has met the most wonderful people and she hopes to continue to serve those in need of driving assistance.

Mary, Volunteer


Interfaith Community Partners - Care Partner Norma

“Volunteers make me feel worth something. They feel like family when family can’t be there.”

Norma has had three cancers and fifteen operations making everyday tasks troublesome. With the help of Interfaith Community Partners, she is able to go to the grocery store and physicians’ appointments while still feeling independent and cared for. The Volunteers wait for her while she is in her appointment. ICP drivers are always patient and allow her the dignity that she hopes continues for as long as she lives. ICP is not just a driving service for Norma as she believes they connect with her on a spiritual level which allows her to feel comfortable and special.

Norma, 84, Care Partner