Words from a Few of Our Clients and Volunteers



“I appreciate the services ICP offers and hope they will eventually grow large enough to reach more communities.”

Annmarie first learned about Interfaith Community Partners through a local social worker. It has been a lifesaver since she gave up driving three years ago. A very committed volunteer, Mary, drives Annmarie every Thursday to her hair salon and has done so since joining! Since then, the two have gotten close and often times go out to lunch or see a play at Drury Lane. Annmarie has even asked and received rides to take her and her dog, Royce, to the vet. She claims the reason she continues to use ICP’s services is due to the patience and kindness of both the volunteers as well as the staff in the office. 

Annmarie, 89, Client

Steve and Jane

Volunteers Steve and Jane with their dog Rusty

Steve and Jane first heard about Interfaith Community Partners through an announcement at their church worship group. The couple loves getting to know the older generation better and forming close friendships with the clients. Jane and Steve recognize the client’s appreciation for the personal interaction that Interfaith volunteers bring to each drive. One memorable moment Jane had with ICP was when a client discovered a snag in her hand-knit sweater. While the client was at her appointment, Jane was able to get the snag out with her knitting needles. The client was so grateful that Jane went above and beyond what was expected of her and addressed the client’s personal issue. Steve also likes to take their dog, Rusty, to visit older adults. “Volunteers act as additional family to the clients.”

Steve and Jane, Volunteers


Susan McHugh

“Interfaith allows less stress on clients as they can rely on safe and comforting drivers.”

Susan first heard about Interfaith through a local ad in the newspaper and then was later reminded about the organization after a neighbor reached out to her at the ICP annual fall benefit. Interfaith Community Partners reminded Susan of the charitable work her mother used to do in her hometown. Susan’s mother would regularly take care of the aging individuals once their children moved away. Susan saw Interfaith as a way to pay tribute to her own mother by supporting the surrounding elder community. Susan continues to volunteer because she notices the appreciation the clients have for the services Interfaith provides. 

Susan, Volunteer


Jan Matheny

“Do all the good you can, at all the times you can, in any way that you can, whenever you can.”

Jan first heard about Interfaith Community Partners through her church and instantly knew she had discovered a charitable cause. Jan continues to volunteer her time at ICP because she enjoys meeting and sharing conversations with the clients. Jan believes it’s important for the clients to stay in their homes to help maintain their independence. Jan had a client she drove every Friday for 11 years to the beauty salon. The two became close friends and would look forward to the ride every week.

Jan, Volunteer


Interfaith Community Partners - Pat, Volunteer

“Live in the moment and always be kind.”

Pat has been with Interfaith Community Partners for over two years. She found out about ICP from her church bulletin and saw it as an opportunity to meet new people and to help others. All of Pat’s clients have been kind and gracious toward her. Working with ICP is a rewarding way to volunteer her time and allows her to share in clients’ life experiences. Pat loves giving older adults a chance to tell their stories and grants them independence.

Pat, Volunteer


Interfaith Community Partners - Mary, Volunteer

“Always be kind and thoughtful.”

Mary has been with ICP for a year and a half. She believes that ICP is an organization greatly needed. Since her retirement, Mary sees ICP as an excellent opportunity to give back to her community. The pure selflessness of all the volunteers is truly incredible, and Mary says that she is proud to work with the ICP staff who are so devoted to the mission and have been gracious and friendly toward her. Through volunteering, Mary has met the most wonderful people and she hopes to continue to serve those in need of driving assistance.

Mary, Volunteer


Interfaith Community Partners - Care Partner Norma

“Volunteers make me feel worth something. They feel like family when family can’t be there.”

Norma has had three cancers and fifteen operations making everyday tasks troublesome. With the help of Interfaith Community Partners, she is able to go to the grocery store and physicians’ appointments while still feeling independent and cared for. The Volunteers wait for her while she is in her appointment. ICP drivers are always patient and allow her the dignity that she hopes continues for as long as she lives. ICP is not just a driving service for Norma as she believes they connect with her on a spiritual level which allows her to feel comfortable and special.

Norma, 84, Care Partner