Words from a Few of Our Clients and Volunteers


“When I am bringing people around, it’s nice to have conversations with clients and hear about their lives, challenges, and good things.”

Although he was born in Chicago, Frank spent a majority of his youth with his family in Ireland, where “everybody knew everybody”. After moving back to La Grange he learned about ICP through the La Grange Business Association. Frank is a busy realtor with a young family and still finds time to drive ICP clients to their appointments.

Frank, ICP Volunteer


“When you sustain an injury and you live by yourself, talking with someone who is friendly lifts your inner feeling.”

Cheryl first learned about ICP when she was approached by a friend to do calligraphy for some birthday cards that ICP distributes to its clients. At that time she did not realize the space this program would grow to hold in her heart. After experiencing a life changing trauma altering her ability to continue doing things she loved, she relied on ICP for rides. Upon healing, Cheryl began arranging flowers with ICP’s Petal Pusher program and is a welcome volunteer!

Cheryl, ICP Volunteer

Mary Lou

“As long as I am able and well, I want to volunteer. In doing volunteer work, I meet great people.”

Mary Lou is a constant seeker of knowledge stating, “I love libraries and need to live within a mile of one.” Mary Lou has taken this passion and now volunteers with the ICP  library delivery program. She appreciates ICP offering flexible volunteer opportunities. As a retired social worker, Mary Lou continues to improve the lives of older adults in her community.

Mary Lou, ICP Volunteer


“I like that they are always on time. ICP is dependable.”

Losing his vision in his early adulthood did not slow this adventurer down. Paul has spent a majority of his life pushing limits from white water rafting, canoeing, and cross country motorcycling. Paul values the dependable one-on-one assistance he receives from ICP, allowing him to confidently navigate new environments knowing his driver is there to help guide him when needed and receiving books through ICP’s library delivery program.

Paul, 83 years old, ICP Client


“ICP has offered me freedom and stability which helps me continue the life I love.”

Barbara found herself needing to buy a new car or giving up driving and was worried about finding a ride service she could depend on, when a friend told her about Interfaith Community Partners. Barbara enjoys her weekly ride with ICP volunteer, Mary. Barbara enjoys a busy schedule and needed an organization she could rely on. She begins each morning talking with her son and ends each day with dinner with friends.

Barbara, 89 years old, ICP Client


“Interfaith is convenient, you can’t beat it.”

Paul has been a client since January, 2022, receiving grocery store rides, after his best friend told him about Interfaith Community Partners. Paul even treated the entire supermarket to a song, which was met with applause throughout the store! After spending 35 years working at the DMV, Paul realized it was time to stop driving. He enjoys reading the newspaper in his driveway, his collection of patriotic memorabilia, and a good book.

Paul, 84 years old, ICP Client